General Biology Major

Requirements for the General Biology Major


The Biology Major is designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the life sciences. The Biology faculty believe it is vital for students at the undergraduate level to become familiar with the major principles and unifying concepts of biology. Thus, the curriculum introduces students to the fundamental areas of biology and still provides flexibility. A student may complete the program described below for the basic major or may elect from several biology emphases that permit a more focused program of study to meet particular academic or career goals. Any of these areas, in addition to the basic major, may be used as the foundation for graduate study.

*The student must fulfill general university degree requirements.

*All majors must complete 38 credits in biology.





Core Course Requirements: 25 credits

BIO 120 (4) General Biology I (formerly BIO 112)
BIO 121 (4) General Biology II (formerly Bio111)
BIO 215 (4) General Ecology
BIO 375 (3) Genetics *
BIO 376 (1) Genetics Laboratory *
BIO 405 (4) Cell & Molecular Biology
BIO 406 (2) Cell/Molecular Biology Lab
BIO 495 (3) Evolutionary Biology * **

* Cognates for BS
** Capstone course for Biology majors
            Cognate Course Requirements:

            CHM 115 & CHM 116
            CHM 231 & CHM 232 OR CHM 241 & CHM 242
            PHY 200 OR PHY 220 OR PHY 230
            STA 215 * OR MTH 125 * OR MTH 201 *

           Those students planning to attend graduate or
         professional school, or planning to seek secondary
         teaching certification, are urged to take:

            PHY 220 and 221 - OR - PHY 230 and 231

           Elective Course Requirements: 13 credits
         13 credits in Biology at the 200 level and higher are
         required in addition to the core. At least 3 of these
         credits must be taken at the 300 or 400 levels.
           Plant Biology Course -- Select from BIO 303, 323. 333, 403,
           413, 423, and 573 (with permission).
           Animal Biology Course -- Select from BIO 222, 232, 272, 302,
           342, 352, 362, 372, 403, 412, 422, 432, 572 (with
           permission), BMS 208/309, and BMS 290/291.

           BIO 103, 105, 107, and 355 are excluded from the Biology

For students considering study abroad, the department offers faculty-led summer opportunities designed for biology and natural resource management students.  These experiences generally consist of two 3 hour courses (BIO 417 and NRM 407).  For a Biology major, the NRM course may be counted as a Biology elective with advisor approval.  Any study abroad experience consisting of three credits automatically fulfills the World Perspective General Education requirement.  Additionally, students may opt to have their study abroad experience fulfill their General Education Issues requirement.  To do so, a student must complete a paper approved by Padnos International Center personnel within 30 days of their return from their study abroad experience.  If you are interested in study abroad you should meet with your academic advisor and consult with Padnos International Center.



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