Florida 2002 Pictures

Florida 2002

Class Picture

At Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park:

 Squirrel Treefrog

Students Observing Wildlife from Boardwalk

At Long Pine Key campground:

Our first camp - in a fire-dominated ecosystem!

The canopy in the pine forest is quite thin.

In the Everglades:

A vast sea of sawgrass dotted with hardwood hammock islands.

Dave and Neil reading about native and non-native fish of the Everglades along the Anhinga Trail Boardwalk.

Students observing nesting woodstorks at Pauritius Pond.

Snorkeling at Pennekamp Reef:

Daryl, Dave, and Clayton waiting to go to the reef.

Yikes! Daryl snorkeling!

Pennekamp Reef: Notice the damage to the coral heads. A rainbow parrotfish inspects the camerman

At Lignumvitae Key:

Ranger John Henry led our tour of Lignumvitae Key.

Robin, Ben, and company feeding tarpon.

Ben combing at Long Key State Park.

At the Key Deer Refuge:

At the Big Pine Fishing Lodge: Is Clayton a giant or is the deer a dwarf?

Students observing wildlife at the Blue Hole.

Ranger Barbara giving the class an introduction to the Key Deer Refuge.

At Looe Key

School of Bermuda Chubbs.

Some of our students were lucky enough to see this hawksbill turtle.

At Dry Tortugas National Park:

Sergeant-major and blueheaded wrasse hover over a variety of hard and soft corals.

We found a diverse reef community on the outside of the fort's moat wall.

Moat wall from atop the fort.

Inside the fort.

Dave, Clayton, Laurie, and Stacy waiting on the sunset.

Tortugas sunset - well worth the wait.

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