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BS/BA in Biology

The Biology Program at GVSU

The Biology Major is designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the life sciences. The Biology faculty believe it is vital for students at the undergraduate level to become familiar with the major principles and unifying concepts of biology. Thus, the curriculum introduces students to the fundamental areas of biology and still provides flexibility. A student may complete a general program for the basic major or may elect from several biology emphases that permit a more focused program of study to meet particular academic or career goals.

Snorkeling - Sea Turtle

Optional Emphases

Students may select from several optional emphasis areas, including:

  • Animal Biology
  • Aquatic Sciences
  • Genetics and Cell/Molecular
  • Plant Biology
  • Pre-Medical & Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Teacher Certification
  • Wildlife Biology

Biology majors at Grand Valley State University are able to tailor their programs to fit career needs or interests with consultation from their advisors. Any of these areas, in addition to the General Biology major, serve as the foundation for graduate studies.


Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the GVSU Biology Program pursue careers in a variety of disciplines related to ecology, botany, zoology, genetics, microbiology, and biotechnology.  Graduates work with local, state, and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and in private industry.  Graduates with Biology degrees also may find work with zoos, animal rehabilitation centers, in pharmaceutical research and production laboratories, or as forensic scientists.  Many graduates go on to medical, dental, or veterinary school and to graduate programs where they pursue advanced studies and research in a wide variety of life science fields.

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