Australia 2003 Pictures

Australia 2003 Pictures

Class Portrait

Waiting at the airport

 Dr. Andy Lewis organized our entire Australian trip and led the marine component. Andy and all of the other guides hired by Andy received their degrees from James Cook University.

 Dave (left) and Mike (right) our other two marine guides on Lizard Island

 Andy's boys having some fun at the research station. Ty is on the left and Felix is on the right.

 Ty and Felix having fun in the water at Mermaid Cove.

 Dani, Mike, and Dave at the top of Cook's Lookout, the highest point on Lizard Island.

 Most of the group pictured at the top of Cook's Lookout. Several areas where we previously snorkeled are visible in the background.

 Monitor Lizards are common on the island especially around the areas with humans. This individual is approximately 1 meter in length, roughly half body and half tail. A protracted drought on the island has been hard on the lizards. They were noticeably thinner this year compared to the previous year.

Mug Shot

 A view of Cairns, Queensland from our hotel room.

 An Australian pelican photographed along a park adjacent to our hotel in Cairns

 Ant Backer and Leonie Valentine were our rainforest guides.

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