Advising Sheets

Academic Advising Worksheets

Use these forms to follow your progress to completing your major. Choose your catalogue year (when you started at GVSU) or the most current advising worksheet. The most current worksheet will represent the requirements for the catalogue year showing through to this years catalogue.

NOTE: These documents were created in Microsoft Word.

Biology Major (BA or BS)
Catalogue Year: 2009 (most current)

Biology Minor
Catalogue Year: 2012-2013 (most current)
Catalogue Year: 2002


Natural Resources Management Major
Most current requirements

Biology (Secondary Education Emphasis)
Catalogue Year: 1999 | 2002 (most current)

Pre-Physical Therapy
Catalogue Year: 1999 (most current)


Pre-Veterinary Science (Biology Major)
Most current requirements

Integrated Science (Elementary Education Emphasis)
Please visit the Integrated Science Web site:
For more advising worksheets go to the curriculum guides at the CLAS Academic Advising Center website.

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