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About Us

"GVSU has a well-established reputation for the wellness of students, faculty and staff at all levels".

2016-2020 GVSU strategic plan (Page 15-Strategic Priority 3: Institutional outcome E:Objective 3.E.3)

Good health is vital to the success of students, faculty and staff at Grand Valley State University. Our task force is an interdepartmental collaboration working together to assesses, recommend and implement strategies to support total well-being of students, faculty and staff.

Our vision is to be the healthiest campus in Michigan.

Our mission is to increase collaboration and awareness among campus partners to identify wellness opportunities for GVSU students, faculty and staff and act on those opportunities to develop a campus culture that supports good health and well-being.

GVSU Wellness Task Force Key recommendations

  1. Supporting and promoting recommendations for Facility User Needs Assessment Committee (FUNAC) Allendale and Pew Campuses for health and wellness facilities.
  2. Create and promote healthy lifestyle opportunities through physical and recreational activity for an inclusive healthier community.
  3. Exploring trends in becoming a smoke free campus.
  4. To support the sexual health committee goals and promote sexual health through the development of sex positive and inclusive approaches to sexuality as well as improved communications regarding sexual health safety practices.
  5. Supporting bike plans, programs and infrastructure in working toward a bicycle friendly university.
  6. Developing suggested recommendations for immunizations for students living on campus.
  7. To provide education, and awareness on the topic of immunizations to the campus community

GVSU Wellness Task Force quantifiable major goals during the 2016-2021 timeframe including key success factors

  1. Update and expand Allendale recreation center to meet NIRSA standards for space recommendations.
  2. Expand health and wellness space on Pew Campus.
  3. The facilities Pew and Allendale campus master plans each include a master bike plan including the following components in accordance with the League of American Bicyclists:  Education, Engineering, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation and Planning.
  4. Grand Valley State University is a smoke free campus.
  5. A campus bicycle coordinator has been hired to carry out the master bike plan.
  6. There is condom/barrier access for students.
  7. A Sexual Health Education (STI specifically) program is in place.
  8. There is an online presence with sexual health information (comprehensive resources)
  9. A statement is in place for recommendations for immunizations at GVSU.