About Us

Good health is vital to the success of students, faculty and staff at Grand Valley State University. Currently, GVSU departments develop programs, initiatives and policies affecting the health and well being of our community. Though many areas connect and collaborate on these items, there is no known official assessment or strategy regarding the health and well being of GVSU as a whole.

Our vision is to be the healthiest campus in Michigan.

Our mission is to increase collaboration and awareness among campus partners to identify wellness opportunities for GVSU students, faculty and staff and act on those opportunities to develop a campus culture that supports good health and well-being.


  1. Identify current wellness initiatives and projects for awareness and decrease redundancy where possible.
  2. Identify health and wellness needs for the campus community that are not being met.
  3. Provide health and wellness recommendations for the 2015 GVSU strategic plan.
  4. Promote collective health and wellness efforts to students, faculty and staff.