Battle of the Valleys Team

Battle of the Valleys couldn't happen without the contribution and team work of many different groups and organizations. There are two main organizations who work together to put this on which are the Laker Traditions Team and Student Senate, but there are many other contributing student organizations who put so much time and effort into this cause and we are so happy to have an event that unites so many different individuals from so many different areas all to help raise money for GVSU and the Laker Children's Fund.


Laker Traditions

As a department of the Office of Student Life, the Laker Traditions team carries a simple mission to foster community at Grand Valley State University and we want students to feel like active, engaged members of the Laker family. After all, it is all about being a Laker for a Lifetime!

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Student Senate

Student Senate is composed of 50 representatives, elected to one year terms. These individuals come from every corner of campus. They are charged with establishing Student Senate's official position on a variety of issues, as well as advocating for and carrying out its objectives.

Student Senate works to investigate and resolve common student problems; advocate for the inclusion of students in the overall policy and decision-making processes of the university community; promote awareness of the role students play in the academic community; enhance the quality and scope of education at the university both inside and outside the classroom; and empower students with leadership opportunities.

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Spotlight Productions

As Spotlight Productions, we envision a programming board that provides entertainment that effectively represents the interests of the student body.  We envision innovative publicity that increases the awareness of programming provided by Spotlight Productions.  We strive to form and strengthen positive relationships with other Registered Student Organizations, University departments, and the surrounding community.  Through a strong organization structure and unique learning opportunities, we seek to develop the personal leadership skills of our members.

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Resident Housing Association

The Residence Housing Association (RHA) is the student governing body for on campus students. RHA serves as a liaison between Grand Valley students and the Housing Administration. RHA provides leadership opportunities such as conferences, campus wide activities, RHA executive board positions, Committee Positions, as well as many other opportunities!

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