Volunteering Opportunities

Winter 2015 Service Opportunities

We will be using our Facebook Group to share volunteering opportunities. Just add yourself to the Event on Facebook and you will be able to see when and where to volunteer, as well as be updated with any changes that might occur.

Please report via email all volunteer hours to Sarah Pale at pales@mail.gvsu.edu 

To report service hours, please include the following in your email:

  • First and last name
  • Name, date, and times of service
  • Number of volunteer hours.


Golf Outing


  • Laughfest Volunteering: register by January 16

  • Groundhog Marathon: February 2

  • Polar Plunge: February 14

  • Comprenew: February 20

  • Accounting Awards: April 17

Upcoming Events: For more information contact Sarah Pale at pales@mail.gvsu.edu