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Meet Advising Professor Rita Grant

Rita Grant

Professor Rita Grant
Associate Professor Accounting and Taxation


B.S. Hope College
M.B.A. Michigan State University

Why should Accounting, Finance and Information Systems majors pledge Beta Alpha Psi?
Beta provides a wide variety of opportunities to these majors. Students get to become better acquainted with their fellow majors, have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, and network with professionals. The programs provide an opportunity to see what career opportunities are available to students in these majors.

What are your core duties as advisor of the Kappa Beta chapter?
My primary duty is to be a resource to the membership and e-board. Our e-board is very capable and runs the organization well. I try to stay out of their way and just be there when they have problems or need some sense of historical perspective. I also check to see if pledges meet the academic qualifications to become active members.

How did the chapter come into existence?
The accounting club existed prior to Beta Alpha Psi. When the business school obtained the valuable AACSB accreditation several years ago we were eligible to have a Beta chapter at GVSU. Several faculty members have been involved over time including: Marinus DeBruine, Sue Martin, Parvez Sopariwala, and Steve Goldberg.

What are some of the highlights of the chapter's brief, but distinguished, history so far?
We have one of the largest and most active chapters in the country. We have achieved superior status almost every year of our existence. Our chapter has contributed thousands of hours of volunteer work to the community and provides an annual pre-recruiting event for all accounting students. The chapter has also provided weekly, high quality professional programs to its membership.

How did you become the faculty advisor?
Professor Danko had been the advisor for a number of years and, because of the tremendous job she did, was asked to join the national board. In that position, she is not allowed to serve as a chapter advisor, so I was asked to follow her. I consider this a great opportunity to see more of our students on a regular basis outside of the classroom.

How did you get from Public Accounting to Academia?
I didn't. I was an mathematics major as an undergraduate and started graduate school in accounting immediately after my senior year. My intention was to go into public accounting, but my professors convinced me that the academic life had attractions, so I prolonged my graduate school stay and became a professor. I am certified but my public accounting experience was limited to one sabbatical leave. I have to say the switch to the academic life was prompted by concerns for raising a family, but it turned out to be the perfect choice for me as well. I love my job as a professor.


Phone: (616) 331-7409

Office: 3032 L William Seidman Center