Universal Supports Assessment and Planning Tool (USAPT) Materials

The revised USAPT 2.0 version is now available.
The USAPT assessment document has been revised to better reflect the universal supports that make buildings effective environments to support students with ASD. Additionally the document has been shortened from 52 indicators to 29 indicators to make the document more focused and reduce completion time. Some revisions to the rating summary forms have been made as well. The USAPT document is now comprised of the following sections which can be accessed as a full document or as separate sections.

Full USAPT Document-doc format 

Full USAPT Document-PDF format

Individual sections
USAPT Scoring Guide
USAPT Team Rating Form
Team Scoring Analysis
Team Priorities
The companion online system is being redesigned and will be available for launch in the fall. The original online system is no longer available for data entry.