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Requirements to become a Trainer/Coach

A school professional must meet the following criteria in order to be considered as a Trainer/Coach:

  • Hold a Michigan Department of Education credential
  • Employed by a public school system in Michigan
  • Have at least 3 years of experience working with students with ASD
  • Complete START Intensive Training series or START RCN Mini Intensive Training series
  • Possess strong content knowledge of ASD and effective supports for students with ASD
  • Have knowledge and skills in teaming and problem solving
  • Have good presence and public speaking skills (or willingness to develop these skills)
  • Possess a strong working relationship and credible reputation with colleagues
  • Recommended by your RCN and approved by START to participate

If a school professional meets these requirements, completes the application and is approved to participate, then the following requirements must be fulfilled to be approved as a Trainer / Coach:

  • Attend the 2-day content module in the area to be approved (Educational Strategies or Behavior Support)
  • Attend Implementation Training
  • Attend a Competency Evaluation including a 30 minute presentation of material with a co-presenter and a written competency exam on content.

Trainer/Coach Commitment & Responsibilities

Once approved Trainer/Coaches must commit to the following responsibilities:

  • Co-present with another EPLI approved Trainer / Coach a minimum of 12 hours per academic year in your local district, ISD, or RCN (Regional Collaborative Network) or 18 hours if approved in both modules.
  • Meet at least monthly with a school-based team serving a student or students with ASD to develop and implement effective supports.
  • Provide follow-up activities / coaching to increase the implementation of effective supports.
  • Recruit, train, and work collaboratively with Coaches to support buildings in the district in implementing effective supports for students with ASD.
  • Complete the following forms and report information to the START Office as outlined on the EPLI page
  • Use training materials only in the manner prescribed by START
  • Do not substantially modify materials without input from START (materials can be altered in form, but not in content).
  • Do not copy / distribute module materials for purposes other than specified by START.
  • Attend local, regional, and/or state coaches meetings.
  • Log on to Blackboard monthly to update forms, training materials, information, etc.