Requirements to become a Trainer

A school professional must meet the following criteria in order to be considered as a Trainer:

  • Hold a Michigan Department of Education credential
  • Employed by a public school system in Michigan
  • Have at least 3 years of experience working with students with ASD
  • Complete START Intensive Training series or START RCN Mini Intensive Training series
  • Possess strong content knowledge of ASD and effective supports for students with ASD
  • Have knowledge and skills in teaming and problem solving
  • Have good presence and public speaking skills (or willingness to develop these skills)
  • Possess a strong working relationship and credible reputation with colleagues
  • Recommended by your RCN and approved by START to participate

If a school professional meets these criteria, then the following requirements must be fulfilled to be approved as a Trainer:

  • Complete the application by November 1 to be considered for that year's school process and receive approval to participate
  • Attend the training module for which you are seeking approval presented by START staff (e.g. Educational Strategies and Supports or Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports).
  • Attend at least 2 additional modules of the START Intensive Training series or RCN Mini Intensive Training series (e.g. Foundations, Looking at ASD Differently, Peer to Peer, IEP, etc.)
  • Complete the Trainer Competency Day Preparation Webinar
  • Attend and pass a Competency Evaluation including a 30 minute presentation of material with a co-presenter and a written competency exam on content (See Competency Day Scoring Rubric)
  • Receive approval letter from START

Trainer Commitment & Responsibilities

Once approved Trainer must commit to the following responsibilities:

  • Inform the RCN that you are an approved trainer and keep your contact information updated
  • Agree to co-present with another START approved EPLI Trainer a minimum of 6 hours per year in your local district, ISD, or RCN (Regional Collaborative Network). Up to 50% of the training hours can be counted by utilizing technology for training (e.g. webinar, podcast).  NOTE:  If approved in both Educational Strategies AND Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS), agree to co-present a minimum of 12 total hours per year. Those who do not meet this requirement without approval from START may be removed from the trainer data-base. Trainers removed from the data-base can be reinstated with approval from START which may include additional activities designed to improve knowledge and skills.
  • Agree to collect the following information for each training conducted using START materials and report all information to the local RCN representative twice a year. NOTE:  Report deadlines are February 1 and July 15. Participant Evaluations may be requested if they are consistently low or problems are reported to the START office.
  • Agree to use the training materials only in the manner prescribed by START and not to substantially modify the content without input from START. Materials can be personally enhanced with examples, clip art, cartoons, videos, etc. but, the fidelity of the content not altered.
  • Work through your RCN to support coaching for the implementation of EBP to ensure training follow up.
  • Participate in the START EPLI Trainer Day and other Leadership activities.
  • Agree to keep updated each year on the forms, training materials, and information provided by START.
  • Commit to a minimum of two years EPLI involvement after START approval. NOTE: A trainer’s information will be removed from the START EPLI Trainer Database if no training is reported over one academic year. Trainers can contact START for approval to not provide training but remain on the database for extenuating circumstances.

Page last modified September 20, 2017