Spelling Tests

From the perspective of a student with auditory sensitivity and filtering problems

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3 

The purpose of this CD is to help individuals with typical sensory systems understand what it might be like for a student with auditory sensitivity and filtering problems to do an everyday task like taking a spelling test in a classroom.  Sounds that would be heard in a typical classroom are amplified.  

The information basis for this simulation is from several autobiographical accounts as well as resources including Teaching Children with Autism by Kathleen Ann Quill (pg. 39-40); Understanding the Nature of Autism by Janice E. Janzen (pg. 20, 141); Asperger's Syndrome by Tony Attwood (chapter 7); and many other sources on autism and the challenges faced by individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Three spelling lists are dictated on three different tracts on the CD: an adult list/high school level, a student list targeted to students in second or third grade, and a list for upper elementary/middle school students.  These three groups could be the targeted participants in this type of a sensitivity experience with words at their ability level.


Track 1:

Track 2:

Track 3:

Adult / High School

2nd-3rd Grade

Upper Elem. / Middle School

  1. Tomorrow
  2. Committee
  3. Absorb
  4. Nuisance
  5. Jealous
  6. Salmon
  7. Symptom
  8. Welfare
  9. Account
  10. Mischief
  11. Melody
  12. Mediocre
  13. Miscellaneous
  14. Rural
  15. Frustrating
  1. Ring
  2. Fruit
  3. Park
  4. Game
  5. Free
  6. Grade
  7. Funny
  8. Math
  9. Blue
  10. Store
  11. Pay
  12. Swing
  13. Fast
  14. School
  15. Hard
  1. Truth
  2. Exit
  3. Pedal
  4. Coffee
  5. Frown
  6. Usually
  7. Tiny
  8. Peculiar
  9. Guilty
  10. Sponge
  11. Challenge
  12. Direction
  13. Erase
  14. Forward
  15. Difficult

Developed by:
Kathy Case - C.O.O.R. ISD


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