'14-15 RCN Application

START is pleased to send to you the '14-15 Regional Collaborative Network application for next year. The START Team also wishes to thank you for your leadership and all the extra effort this year on working to improve supports for students with ASD.

Download the '14-15 RCN Application for completion.

Please contact your START RCN Representative or Jana Benjamin at benjamj1@gvsu.edu or call 616-331-6482 for assistance with any questions you may have.

RCN Report Forms

START Requires 2 Yearly RCN Reports:

  1. Mid-Year – Both a Narrative and a Financial Expenditure Report with an Invoice for Expenditures to date (expenses only, no advanced funding).
    • Due Date: February 1, 2015
  2. End of the School/Contract Year – Both a Narrative and a Financial Expenditure Close out Report with an Invoice for all Expenditures not Reimbursed to date.
    • Due Date: July 15, 2015

Mid-Year and End of Year Reports must include the following:

  • Narrative Report (see forms below);
  • Financial Expenditure Report.
    • Your Financial Expenditure Report must be a finance report from your Business/Finance office for actual expenditures to date and;
    • You will also need to submit an invoice requesting reimbursement for expenditures to date charged to your RCN contract.
  • Capacity Building Planning Tool
  • Peer to Peer Program Tracking Tool

Please Note: START will no longer advance funding under RCN contracts. START will ONLY reimburse for actual expenditures to date. Also, just a reminder that your invoice for reimbursement of expenditures must be on letterhead dated and signed.

The 14-15 RCN Mid and End of Year Reports Forms:

Please send your Mid Year and End of Year Narrative Report & Financial Expenditure Close out Report with an Invoice electronically as an attachment to Melissa Kurek at kurekm@gvsu.edu


Page last modified January 22, 2015