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Michelle Etson Matt Nowak
School Social Worker Biology Teacher

Afternoon Session ~

"Looking at ASD Differently: Strategies for Students"

This presentation will provide several examples of how to utilize the student's preferred interests in order to increase educational output. Similarly, it will focus on supports utilized to increase socialization within the school setting and broader community. It will take the difficulty out of creating meaningful visual supports for elementary and secondary students.

Learning Objectives:

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand how to utilize the student's Autism to get desired outcomes
  • utilize visuals including an intense interest to shape behavior
  • utilize parents and peers to create visual supports

About the Presenters ~

Michelle Etson
Michelle is a School Social Worker for Lapeer Community Schools and a START Coach Leader. She is the co-facilitator of peer-to-peer programs at Lapeer West High School and Murphy Elementary School. Michelle has worked with children and families living with ASD for 12 years.

Matt Nowak
Matt is a biology teacher at Lapeer West High School and is also the teacher of the peer-to-peer support class LINKS. Matt is a START Building Coach, has completed the START intensive training and implemented the LINKS class at Lapeer West High School.