Curriculum Modifications

Individualized changes made to the content and performance expectations for students.

The Academic Modification Hierarchy is comprised of a five step process for modifying the general education curriculum.  The intent of the modification hierarchy is to provide common language for staff modifying the general education curriculum.

The Academic Modification Hierarchy is comprised of:

  1. Open Ended Questions

  2. Visual Organization Strategies

  3. Choice Strategies

  4. Closed Strategies

  5. Yes / No Strategies

The strategies are organized in a hierarchy and described from the most advanced skills necessary to interact with the general education curriculum (open-ended) to the strategy that modifies the curriculum the greatest (yes/no).  There is some evidence that yes/no is more difficult for some students than choice; thus, these two can be interchangeable depending on the skills of the student. 

All of the strategies presented can be used in combination with accommodations and interchanged to meet the needs of the student. For more information on the Academic Modification Hierarchy: download (word doc).

Below are various 10th grade subjects, which contain examples of assignments, assessments, and projects that have been modified using the different types of Curriculum Hierarchy Modifications.

Page last modified July 13, 2012