Ryan Sines, HS Principal
Lisson Delcamp, ASD Teacher Consultant David Starlin, History Teacher

Afternoon Session ~

"Differentiated Output Hierarchy"

The differentiated output hierarchy is a systematic, organized approach to support student's active engagement in the general education curriculum. The differentiated output hierarchy supports the concepts defined in differentiated instruction. Differentiated instruction is defined as the planning of curriculum and instruction using strategies that address student strengths, interests, skills, and readiness in flexible learning environments "At it's Core....Differentiation is simply high-quality, thoughtful teaching that builds on our best understanding of how students learn and what teachers can do to maximize each student's learning" (The Common Sense of Differentiation, 2005). Tomlinson (2000) suggests that differentiated instruction is a way of thinking about teaching and learning.

Differentiated Instruction has three primary components

  • Multiple options for taking in information Content
  • Multiple options for making sense of the ideas Process
  • Multiple options for expressing what they know Product

Learning Objectives:

After having attended this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the five different areas of Differentiated Output Hierarchy and how they are used within the general education curriculum.
  • Understanding of why the Content, Process, and Product must be varied in anticipation of and response to student differences in readiness, interest, and learning needs.
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of what teachers can do to maximize each student's learning.

About the Presenters ~

Ryan Sines, Principal

Lisonn Delcamp, Special Education Teacher Consultant

David Starlin, History 9 Teacher