What is a Coach? 

A Coach is an educational professional who works to support implementation of effective supports for students with ASD.  Implementation support can include participation in team meetings, modeling effective practices, following up on action plan items, etc.  Coaches often work collaboratively with their local Trainer / Coaches to provide implementation support to participants following training on effective supports for students with ASD. Schools are most effective in this process when coaching functions are embedded in job descriptions of existing school personnel (e.g., school psychologist, behavior specialist, social worker, school counselor, etc.).

There are 2 types of coaches: Coach Leaders, and Building Coaches

What is a Coach Leader?

Coach Leaders are educational professionals who support the Building Coaches in a District or at the ISD level to develop and maintain a 3-tiered model of support for students with ASD. Coach leaders are involved in the recruitment of coaches, coordination of regular meetings with Building Coaches, and through individual meetings with Building Coaches and their team as needed. A Coach Leader will obtain information from the START Project and other resources to share with Building Coaches. Coach Leaders are often itinerant staff or teacher consultants that carry a caseload of Buildings/Building Coaches to support during the school year.

What is a Building Coach?

Building Coaches are educational professionals who engage in similar activities as a Trainer/Coach without the requirements to provide training. A Building Coach attends the content trainings as well as the training on facilitation, coaching, leadership and teaming.   A Building Coach selects a local building team to support implementation of effective practices throughout the year as they provide educational programming for students with ASD. Implementation support may include participation in team meetings, modeling effective practices, following up on action plan items, and more. In most cases, Trainer/Coaches will work with Building Coaches to help support the application of skills learned during the training they provide.

Coach Recruitment

Worksheets and materials to assist in recruiting new coaches

  • Coaching Self-Assessment - Worksheet to help determine what you need to be successful as a coach and to help you create an action plan for self-improvement

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