Case studies will come from the field and be illustrated by the leaders themselves. While diverse in background, ideology, and practice, the following sector leaders have generously offered to share their stories. These experts’ stories from the field will be moderated and collaboratively analyzed by workshop participants. The format and content promises to provide a foundation for rich peer to peer learning.

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Jose Afonso

Jose is Director of US Development for SABIS Education Systems which serves 65,000 students worldwide. Jose was instrumental in the launch of Massachusetts’s first charter school, and has been a key leader in global education.



Judith Berry

Judith is the Assistant Chancellor for Instructional Support and Educational Accountability for Michigan’s state-wide reform district, the Education Achievement Authority.



Matt Cawood

Matt is Director of Partner Relations at National Heritage Academies, which serves students in 75 schools across nine states.



Linda Chamberlain

Linda is currently a Venture Capital Fellow at The Michigan Accelerator Fund.



Don Cooper

Don is Director of Government Relations for National Heritage Academies, which operates 75 schools across nine states, and he has been a key change-agent in education policy across the nation.


Gene Eidelman

Gene is the founding President/ CEO of Mosaica Education, which was selected to serve the students of Muskegon Heights, a state takeover district in Michigan. As a service provider, Mosaica Education currently serves 45,000 students in over 90 schools in the US and abroad.



Jim Goenner

Jim currently serves as President/CEO of the National Charter Schools Institute, which was founded in 1995 to support the growth of the charter school movement in Michigan and throughout the nation.



Rob Kimball

Rob is the Sr. Director of Operations & Policy at GVSU's Charter Schools Office.   He was the recipient of an Education Pioneers Fellowship in 2009 and in 2010 he was identified as one of the nation's 30 most innovative educators under  30 yrs. of age. 



Kurt Metzger

Kurt is Director of Data Driven Detroit and THE guru of Detroit data. He has been a key component in the effort to thoughtfully inform school closure and development throughout SE Michigan.



Chakana Fowler

Chakana is the Director of Business Development for Charter Schools USA. Previously Chakana served as Director of Finance for Uncommon Schools and Director of Curriculum for Kaplan Higher Education.



Deborah Parizek

Deborah is currently the Director of Henry Ford Learning Institute and the national leader in design-focused instructional programming-- she has a rich design and education background with IDEO and Stanford's d.School. 



Phil Pavlov

Phil Pavlov currently serves Michigan's 25th District in the Michigan Senate.  Phil chairs Michigan's Senate Education Committee and has been a voice for change and improved student outcomes for all Michigan students. 



John Q. Porter

John is President of Mosaica Turnaround Partners and former Superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools.



Doug Ross

Doug is the founder of New Urban Learning, a highly successful Detroit CMO, and former Chief Innovation Officer of Detroit Public Schools.



Frank Stoy

Frank is Sr. Director of Operations in one of Ohio’s largest and most innovative charter school authorizers, The Ohio Council of Community Schools.



Greg Tedder

Greg is currently the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff in the Office of Rick Snyder, Governor of the State of Michigan and has been instrumental in the development of Michigan’s effort to improve K-12 student outcomes in Michigan.



Don Weatherspoon

Don currently serves as the Emergency Financial Manager for a state takeover district, Muskegon Heights Public Schools in Muskegon, Michigan.


Tim Wood

Tim is the Director of Charter Schools at GVSU, Michigan's highest performing authorizer. Prior to Tim's service to GVSU, he served 26 yrs. as a teacher, principal, varsity coach and superintendent in traditional public schools.




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