Keynote Speaker

Sheree Speakman

CEO of CIE Learning


Sheree Speakman, founder and CEO of CIE Learning, works on public and private
education projects that support the common goals of social justice and deep
learning. CIE Learning is focused on developing new learning pathways for
neighborhoods and communities.
Between April 2007 and July 2011, Sheree was Evaluation Director of the Walton
Family Foundation working with the K-12 Education Reform, Environment, and
Home Region program teams and grantees on performance analysis. She
contracted and managed K-12 research and school performance 
studies with Mathematica and Stanford University, the 2010 charter school finance
study at Ball State University , the Southern Rural Development Center at Mississippi
State for community development research, and voter polling in multiple cities with
She is working now with the Walton Family Foundation as an independent
consultant on evaluation related to its environmental grantmaking.
Before joining the Foundation, Sheree worked in the education sector to develop
and implement performance improvement data for school leaders and
teachers. Between 2005 and 2007, Sheree was Chief Operating Officer for British
Schools of America, a PK-12 school operator in the U.S. owned by the London based
company WCL Group. Prior to British Schools, she was President of Fox River
Learning, a consulting organization specializing in systems that originated and
analyzed student performance and school finance records. Sheree’s background in
education was preceded by private sector positions in systems design, commercial
banking and public accounting.
Sheree received an A.B. from Albion College in Michigan and a M.B.A. from the
University of Chicago. She is extensively published on the topic of school finance
and per-pupil expenditures. Sheree is on the Rossier Board of Councilors at the
University of Southern California and a Steering Committee Member of the Edison
Awards that honor innovation and innovators.



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