Principles of Good Practice in Assessment

Grand Valley's continual self-assessment process seeks to encompass ideals for good practice to create good assessments.

Good practice for a university-wide assessment:

  • Agree on goals and objectives for learning
  • Design and implement a thoughtful approach to assessment planning
  • Involve individuals from on and off campus
  • Select or design and implement data collection approaches
  • Examine, share, and act on assessment findings
  • Regularly re-examine the assessment process

                                                                                        (Palomba and Banta, 1999)

Good assessments:

  • Give useful information
  • Give reasonably accurate, truthful information
  • Are fair to all students
  • Are ethical and protect the privacy and dignity of all those involved
  • Are systemized
  • Are cost effective, yielding value that justifies the time and expense we put into them

                                                                         (Suskie, 2004)           

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Page last modified October 21, 2010