Outstanding Issues and Future Plans

The Office continues to work to centralize unit assessment plans, reports and self-studies with WEAVE Online, a computerized system, which became operational in the 2006-2007 academic year. This Assessment Management System will:

  • Centralize data management;
  • Provide web-based access to assessment and accreditation processes and products for authorized users;
  • Streamline planning, assessment, and improvement processes university-wide; and
  • Establish a work space that is available during all accreditation, program reviews, and reporting stages, for every department and the University as a whole.

Two additional Assessment Management Systems are used at the University. Chalk and Wire is utilized by the General Education Sub-committee and STEPS is utilized by the Seidman College of Business. The Office of Assessment and Accreditation offers support to these entities.

The Office of Accreditation and Assessment recognizes there are numerous issues that require additional attention during the 2008-2009 academic year and beyond. These include:

  • Improving the coordination of assessment activities campus-wide, to avoid duplication of efforts and close assessment gaps.
  • Enhancing dissemination of assessment results to broader audiences.
  • Increasing alignment of results from all assessment activities across campus, whether conducted by the Office of Accreditation and Assessment or under other auspices.

Page last modified October 21, 2010