Aspects of GVSU Assessment

A program is any major course of study at GVSU that results in a degree.

An emphasis is an area of study within a program listed by GVSU academic records.

A unit is the smallest academic organization recognized by university budgeting.

Self Study is the formal six-year report to GVSU administration focusing on unit function and performance.

An assessment plan is the formal development process for measuring student learning outcomes including data collection and analysis procedures.

A goal is an achievable outcome. Goals are not measurable.

An objective is a measurable action or outcome that will be a step in accomplishing a goal.

A measure is an instrument used to assess a student action or outcome of the stated objective.

The assessment report is the formal three-year report on student learning outcomes submitted to the University Assessment Committee (UAC). Click here to view the UAC Assessment Philosophy.

Benchmarking, in assessment, is comparing one's performance to that of its peers. A benchmark can be thought of as a minimal standard, but it is important to remember this refers not only to numbers. It also refers to a university's best practices. Benchmarking is important in measuring and improving institutional performance.

Page last modified March 6, 2014