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Grand Valley State University

Mexican Contemporary Film Festival

Monday, October 22, 2012
7:00 PM

Celebration! Cinema Rivertown, 3728 Rivertown Parkway, Grand Rapids, MI 49418

Humanities, Photography, Film & Video

Grand Valley's Latin American Studies is co-sponsoring a Mexican Contemporary Film Festival with the Mexican Consulate in Detroit, LINC - Become and Believe - and Celebration! Cinema, as part of October as Hispanic Heritage Month.

All films have free admission and will be screened at 7 p.m. at Celebration! Cinema Rivertown. After the film there will be a panel of specialists for a Q & A. For more information, call (616) 530-SHOW.

Featured films include:

October 15: El estudiante/ The Student is film written and directed by Roberto Girault, and starring Jorge Lavat, Norma Lazareno, Jose Carlos Ruiz, Jeannine Derbez, Siouzana Melikian and Cristina Obregon. The film depicts the story of a 70 year old man called Chano, who decides to go to college to study literature. The story takes place in Guanajuato. With a Quixotic attitude, he tries to break the generation gap, creating a clash of different traditions, in which they will share dreams and experiences.

October 22: SPIRAL/ Espiral (2009, 100 min, Mexico) directed by Jorge Perez Solano and starring by Lazua Larios, Xochiquetzal Rodriguez, Mayra Serbulo y Angeles Cruz. odoyuxi, The film takes place in San Pedro Oaxaca. Hoping to better their lives, men migrate without realizing they are destroying what they most want to protect: their families. The men return to find nothing is the same since the women have taken over, fending for themselves without men. A distinctly Mixteca take on the human condition and how dreams sometimes distract us from the miracles that surround us. This luscious tragi-comedy will have you laughing to keep from crying one moment and con lagrimas de risa the next.

October 29: Flor de fango/ Mud Flower (2011, 100 min)
Augusto is lecturing to a group of medical students about the thin line between chance and disorder in an apparently well-structured universe when a phone call from his wife, Ruth, throws his own universe into a tailspin. Ruths old nanny is dying, leaving the couple to care for Marlene, a 14-year-old orphaned schoolgirl she had been raising. Its quickly apparent that the seemingly innocent and beautiful girl spells trouble. Augusto abandons Ruth, his work, and his comfortable life to travel to the rough seaport city of Tampico to find Marlene, his flor de fango (mud flower), and bring her back. Along the way hes beaten, robbed, threatened, thrown into jail, knifed, and hospitalizedbut the desperate man stops at nothing to find the girl and free her. This is one tough drama from Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Gonzalez Montes. (By Juliet Sherwood)