Arts at Noon brings nationally and internationally-known musicians to Grand Valley State University for hour-long performances at noon on 14 Wednesdays each year.  All performances are held in Cook-DeWitt Center on the Allendale campus (see map) and are free for students, faculty, and the general public.

The Fall, 2016 lineup includes a professional soloist, duo, quartet, and quintets as well as an Argentinian Tango group with dancers!  

In Winter, 2017 you will be mesmerized by the varied sounds of a symphony orchestra, a piano trio, a jazz quartet, vocal music from the 12th century, a new music ensemble from New York, a  percussion group featuring steel band music, and you will get to know how harpsichords and organs make the sounds which have changed the history of music!

2016 - 2017 Performances

  • SEPTEMBER 14 - Perugino Quartet
  • SEPTEMBER 21 - Timothy Monro, Triple Grammy-winning flutist
  • SEPTEMBER 28 - Eduardo Tami Tango Ensemble from Argentina
  • OCTOBER 12 - Duo Mistral from Chile
  • NOVEMBER 2 - June/DeYoung Duo
  • NOVEMBER 16 - Grand Valley Winds
  • NOVEMBER 30 - GVSU Brass Quintet Holiday Concert


  • JANUARY 25 - Grand Rapids Symphony
  • FEBRUARY 1 - Almava Trio
  • FEBRUARY 22 - Hildegard Singers
  • MARCH 15 - loadbang
  • MARCH 22 - Jim Cooper Quartet
  • MARCH 29 - A Menagerie of Keyboards with Gregory Crowell
  • APRIL 5 - Percussion Group 1501

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Note to Students

We are delighted to make this wide variety of outstanding performances available so that you can have a 50 minute musical respite in the middle of a hectic day of classes.  We simply ask that you abide by the following concert good manners so that other audience members and the performers are not disturbed:

  1. Arrive on time.  Latecomers will be seated between numbers or after a movement.  However, when you have to search for a seat in the middle of an aisle during the concert, it is always a distraction.
  2. Leave on time.  And that time is 12:50!  We take great pains to make sure that performances are finished by 12:50 so that you have the standard 10 minutes between classes.  Just as you do not leave your classes before the professor dismisses you, do not leave the performance before 12:50.
  3. Look at only one "device" during the concert...your concert program.  All electronic devices must be out of sight and silenced.

Parking Information

  • On the day of a performance, GVSU visitors may park in LOT H between 11 am and 2 pm without getting a ticket.  See the map.
  • Those who have difficulty walking from LOT H to Cook-Dewitt Center may park in the west end of LOT H and take a shuttle to Cook-DeWitt.  If you desire to use this shuttle service, please arrive no later than 11:45.  See the parking map for location of the shuttle pickup.

Parking Map

small parking map

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