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Drawn from the Desert: Australian Aboriginal Paintings from the Central and Western Deserts

'Kunnnby' - Bush Lolly Dreaming,  Michael Nelson Tjakamarra,  Acrylic on Canvas

Between 1940-60, the Australian government forced Aboriginal groups off their lands and into organized communities of the Central Desert region and along the northern coast. Papunya, located approximately 150 miles northwest of Alice Springs, was the last community established to collect these displaced groups, and where the contemporary Australian Aboriginal art movement began.


This exhibition is drawn out of a recent gift of Australian Aboriginal paintings to GVSU, created by artists from Papunya and the surrounding region. It features artwork that provides insight into Aboriginal dreamings – retellings of important ancient stories and symbols – and the sacred sites of this vast and arid landscape.

June 16 – October 27, 2017

West Wall Gallery, L. V. Eberhard Center

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Free and open to the public.