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September 24 - October 12, 2014 


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GVSU Venue Artists

River Tatoo by Jim Cogswell


Jim Cogswell, Ann Arbor, MI,  Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, School of Art & Design, University of Michigan
Art form: Installation, 1” D x 195” W x 95” H
Medium: adhesive vinyl on window glass
Year created: 2014

“Dawn, dusk, and starlight are magical for me. In the half-light my perceptions go on full alert. I struggle to make sense of partially perceived forms, silhouettes, muted contrasts, distorted spaces, unexpected glimmers. If there is a time of day that prompted the emergence of human imagination, it was certainly not the clarity of high noon but more likely the dimly comprehended lusciousness of half-light tangled in shadows. For me the unexplained is always most compelling. I’m inspired by the mystery of who we are, how we acquire information through our senses and then what we do with it. The world is never quite what we think it is but somehow we manage. We look at flat, unmoving images and construct spaces and narratives. How does that happen? I am fascinated by sequence and pattern, the structures that make meaning possible; I am curious about where meaning comes from, and suspicious of what we ignore in our desperate need to comprehend the significance of objects and experiences.” - Jim Cogswell


Jim Cogswell

In 1990, Cogswell joined the School of Art & Design faculty, where his teaching has focused on painting and drawing. During the 1992-93 academic year, he was the Charles P. Brauer Faculty Fellow at the University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities. Throughout his career at U-M, he has received numerous grants from the Office of the Vice-President for Research and the Horace P. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Drawn to interdisciplinary projects, Cogswell has collaborated in performance works and installations with dancers, composers, scientists, and poets as well as other visual artists.  Cogswell has had a number of solo exhibitions in the states, has lectured at colleges and universities around the country, and has been invited to speak on his work at conferences in Japan, Ireland, Hungary, France, and Israel.  Cogswell’s work can be found in the public collections of Yasuda Life Company of New York, Mbank of Houston, Barnett Banks of Florida, the Museum of Albuquerque, the City of Tallahassee, the Tamarind Institute, Valencia Community College of Orlando, Florida State University, and the University of Michigan.

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Bard to Go, GV Shakespeare Festival Bard to GO, 2014

Bard to Go

Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival's 2014 Bard to Go:
Lights, Camera, Action!

Bard to Go Ensemble Members:  Kimi Griggs, Monica Longstreet, Justin Mackey, Chad Marriott, Emilee Miller, Chad Rodgers, Samara Woolfolk.   Lights, Camera, Action! is directed by Karen Libman.   Produced and co-directed by Katherine Mayberry.
Art form: Time-Based
Medium: theatre
Year created: 2014

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Bard to Go
The Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival’s BARD-TO-GO is a 50-minute collage Shakespearean scenes based on universal themes such as love, magic, and friendship. The company is comprised of six Grand Valley State University student actors and a student stage manager who tour West Michigan secondary schools in the late Fall of each year as part of The Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival. BARD-TO-GO is a feature of the Festival, and since its 2001 inception BARD-TO-GO has given over 15,000 students throughout Michigan an opportunity to experience Shakespeare’s plays. In the summer of 2005, an international component was added—the BARD-TO-GO Company traveled to Kingston, Jamaica, as a guest of Edna Manley College, and played to over 900 secondary students and other audience members throughout Jamaica. In May of 2008, BARD-TO-GO embarked on a ten-day visit to Shanghai and East China Normal University in order to promote a cultural and educational dialogue in the theatre area. BARD-TO-GO has since been featured in Nassau, The Bahamas, at the Shakespeare in Paradise Festival; in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival, and in 2009 BARD-T0-Go received the “Best in Festival” Award at the Sapperlot Youth Theatre Festival in Brixen, Italy.   

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Bard to Go