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Department of Art and Design

Courses For Non-Majors

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Through a sequence of six courses, students explore the expressive, descriptive, and conceptual potential of printed artmaking in todays world.

Printmaking Student Work

A range of methods is introduced at the beginning level including intaglio, relief, digital, and screenprinting. In the intermediate level courses students work to develop a personal approach to the medium as they learn autographic, photo-based methods, as well as complex color and layering processes. Majors are encouraged to take charge of their personal artistic direction as they advance through these courses. A students articulation of ideas and the clarity of communication become the central measures of ones achievement.

Students may pursue a BA or BS in Art Education or a BFA in Studio Art in this emphasis.





The spacious printmaking facilities offer students the tools necessary to work in diverse printed media. The studios are equipped so that students can work in relief, intaglio, digital, screen printing, and photo-based methods. The department’s papermaking equipment is also located in these studios. Majors pursuing a BFA in this emphasis area have individual workspaces adjacent to the main printmaking classrooms.

Students' Work

Printmaking Courses

  • ART 265: Introduction to Printmaking
  • ART 366: Intermediate Printmaking I
  • ART 367: Intermediate Printmaking II
  • ART 467: Advanced Printmaking I
  • ART 468: Advanced Printmaking II
  • ART 401: Senior Seminar
  • ART 498: Senior Project

Printmaking Alumni Information

  • Jenn Schaub: Neighborhood Revitalization Department Program Manager, Dwelling Place
  • Chad Pastotnic: Founder, Deep Woods Press
  • Emily Koehler, Printmaker,
  • Amanda Wieczorek, (2012) has been accepted to and is attending the Royal College of Art. London, England for graduate studies in Printmaking.

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