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Department of Art and Design

Courses For Non-Majors

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The professional world of illustration is competitive and stylistically diverse.

Illustration Student Work

Only illustrators with broad-based knowledge, good business sense, superior research skills, technical facility, and sustained commitment will succeed. The illustration curriculum for this emphasis is designed to help students become adept in these areas and to help them learn to balance historical perspectives of the field with an awareness of contemporary practices. In addition, majors are encouraged to balance aesthetic sensitivity with professional practicality and traditional craft with individual creativity.

After completing the foundations review, students complete a secondary admissions process for the illustration program.

Students may pursue a BFA in Studio Art in this emphasis.


Illustration Studio

Illustration Room

Illustration Studio

Classes in the illustration program are held in the illustration and painting studios as well as computer labs in Calder Art Center. These diverse facilities help students cultivate the technical proficiency necessary to develop their individual artistic focus and personal approach to the field. Many students in the illustration emphasis have personal studio spaces in a common room that encourage informal discussions between peers.

Students' Work

Illustration Courses

  • ART 281: Introduction to Illustration
  • ART 381: Intermediate Illustration I
  • ART 212: Graphic Design for Illustrators
  • ART 381: Intermediate Illustration II
  • ART 482: Advanced Illustration I
  • ART 483: Advanced Illustration II
  • ART 413: Portfolio
  • ART 415: Senior Project

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