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Guest Speakers

Each semester the department invites visiting artists and speakers for lectures and workshops.

The commitment to an inclusive education is reinforced by a visiting speakers program. Every year the Department of Art and Design brings nationally and internationally known artists, designers and critics to campus for public lectures. Visiting artists frequently conduct small group critiques of student work, practicum workshops, and roundtable discussions during their visits. This diversity allows students to learn from professionals practicing in a variety of media.

2015-2016 Guest Speakers

L.S. Roberts

L.J. Roberts

L.J. Roberts is an artist and writer whose studio practice incorporates a wide range of traditional and unconventional textile techniques, and recently collaged works on paper and filmmaking. Their work explores the intersections of feminist queer and trans politics, activism, the on-going AIDS epidemic, collective action, community, and protest.

Casey Sheppard

Casey Sheppard

Casey Sheppard is a jewelry artist/metalsmith, mountain biker, freelance writer, adventure seeker and community gatherer. She visits the Department of Art and Design as part of her year long US tour "Case Of The Nomads". The tour started this summer and she is traveling to different cities/towns that are involved in (but not limited to) bikes, art and writing. And, yes, she is making art on her way too!

Guest Speakers Photo Gallery

Past Guest Speakers

  • Siah Armajani

  • Preston Graves

  • Matthew McGovern

  • Andrea Peterson

  • Liz Bachhuber

  • Elzabeth Baddeley

  • Conrad Bakker

  • Michael Barile

  • Lynda Barry

  • Melinda Beck

  • Jim Bove

  • Wendy Calman

  • Beehive Design Collective

  • Enrique Chagoya

  • Cat Chow

  • Sue Coe

  • Andy Cooperman

  • Mitch Cope

  • Clive Dilnot

  • Paul Duncum

  • Elliott Earls

  • Mike Essl

  • George Estrada

  • Peter Everett

  • Stephen Farrell

  • Julia Fish

  • Alexander Florensky


  • Olga Florensky

  • Nathan Fox

  • Oli Goldsmith

  • Caroline Gore

  • Lisa Gralnick

  • Jane Hammond

  • Kathryn Hixson

  • Jon Holzman

  • David Huang

  • Jordin Isip

  • Chip Kidd

  • Mariko Kusumoto

  • William Pope.L

  • Joep Van Lieshout

  • Cyril Lixenberg

  • Rikke Luther

  • Beauvais Lyons

  • Matt Madden

  • Bruce Mau

  • Mary McDonnell

  • Scott McCloud

  • Karen Milbourne

  • Susan Mulder

  • Dennis Nahabetian

  • Patricia Nelson

  • Dennis Oppenheim

  • Carolyn Ottmers


  • Laurie Palmer

  • Alexis Rockman

  • Ed Paschke

  • C.F. Payne

  • Dan Peterman

  • Suzanne Ramljak

  • Robynne Raye

  • Michael Rees

  • Lambert Zuidervarrt

  • Davey Rothbart

  • Douglas Rushkoff

  • Joe Sacco

  • Carlo Sammarco

  • Steven Sorman

  • Erin V. Sotak

  • Buzz Spector

  • Barbara Maria Stafford

  • Tara Stephenson

  • Barron Storey

  • Michael Strassburger

  • Kevin Tavin

  • Nato Thompson

  • Rick Valicenti

  • Martin Venezky

  • Hamza Walker

  • Sydney Walker

  • Lawrence Weschler

  • Anne Wilson