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Department of Art and Design

Courses For Non-Majors

Interested in taking art and design courses but aren’t a major? there are many options available to GVSU students. (Read more)


The art program is housed in a 72,000 square foot building equipped with the facilities and support staff necessary for working in traditional as well as new media.

Calder Arts Center

Regardless of which emphasis area a student chooses the department provides students with technological support in new media as well as the traditional arts at each level of their education. Majors in studio, art education, or art history, benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and technologies that surpass those of other art programs. Everything from the computer labs to the woodshop are conscientiously maintained and regularly upgraded to provide students with the resources they need to work effectively. Majors have access to many workspaces in the building after-hours with a department key-card.

Calder Arts Center Map

Department Facilities

Visual Resources Library

Visual Resources Library

The purpose of the Visual Resources Library (VRL) is to support student learning and research in the Department of Art and Design and the GVSU community. The library offers an extensive collection of digital images, 35 mm slides, DVDs, and print media for use by students and faculty. For more information about the Visual Resources Library, please refer to the VRL website.



Students enrolled in classes throughout the department make use of this resource. The woodshop houses the tools necessary to create everything from a large, machined wood or metal project to a small, intricately-carved work. Staffed by a full-time technician and part-time monitors, students receive a safety orientation to ensure proper training for the equipment. The shop is open for prescribed hours Monday through Sunday. For more information about health and safety, please refer to Environmental Health and Safety in the Arts.

Computer Labs

Computer Lab

Calder Art Center houses three Mac computer labs outfitted with industry standard hardware and software applications. For more information about the computer labs and lab hours in CAC, and other computer labs on the campuses, please refer to the IT website.

Digital Print Shop

Digital Print Shop

The Digital Print Shop (DPS) is a student-operated business in the Calder Art Center. Since 2008, it has been a valuable resource for students and faculty looking for high-quality, cost-efficient prints of class assignments, personal projects, vinyl stickers and limited-run posters. Other on-campus departments who have utilized our services include: Housing and Residence Life, Padnos Student Gallery, and WCKS: The WHALE Radio. For more information on the Digital Print Shop, including costs and policies, please refer to the DPS website.

BFA Studio Spaces

BFA Studios

Many emphasis areas provide upper-level BFA students with individual or group studios in the Calder Art Center. When compared to other programs that focus on undergraduate education, the department is rare in offering these to its majors. Combining the benefits of an individual workspace with the opportunity for communication between faculty and peers, the studios extend learning beyond the classroom.