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Department of Art and Design

Courses For Non-Majors

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Dellas Henke

Professor, Printmaking

I began as a painter and remained studying painting until I finally recognized that the paintings were getting worse. In 1975 I discovered printmaking and eventually went on to study that at the University of Iowa. From there I moved to Rochester, NY where I set up a press, printed for other artists to pay rent and to learn the skills and from that studio I began making exhibition prints. It was also around that time that I began my association with Samuel Beckett and ultimately made three books of prints with his texts. By 1982 I began to teach at Grand Valley State College, (now University), in West Michigan, where I continue to teach and to make prints , drawings and photogravures.

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone: (616)331-3352
  • Office: 706 Alexander Calder Fine Arts Center
  • Curriculum Vitae: Download
  • Personal Link:

Home Alone, Dellas Henke

Home Alone

Fallen Leaves, Dellas Henke

Fallen Leaves

XO, Dellas Henke