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Through a sequence of six courses, students explore the expressive, descriptive, and conceptual potential of printed art making in today's world. (Read more...)


What can you do with a degree in Art and Design?


What the Wall Street Journal Says About Fine Arts Degrees

The answers to this question vary depending upon which degree you earn at GVSU. Art education, art history, and studio art each have a variety of career paths, but regardless of the degree you choose programs emphasize the transferable skills of critical thinking and communication that are the foundations of any profession. Some of these may require additional study after completion of your undergraduate degree.

Art Education
Teach in public and private schools, work in community arts and museum education programs, pursue graduate work and university teaching.

Art History
Work in art conservation, art therapy, museums or galleries, archive and library services, arts administration, pursue graduate work and university teaching. Learn More

Studio Art
Work as an independent artist or designer, work in galleries, arts organizations, and museums, pursue graduate work and university teaching.

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These areas of study also offer students preparation for careers in the arts that serve the community.
- Arts Programming and Administration - Gallery and Museum Curator or Director - Art Librarian or Visual Resource Curator - Exhibition Designer or Preparator

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Art and Design Occupations
Graphic Designer