Area Studies

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Area Studies programs at Grand Valley State University, you may contact:

Director of Area Studies
Steeve Buckridge - 616-331-8550    Office: 105 Lake Ontario Hall (LOH)

African and African American Studies minor
Jack Mangala - 616-331-8512       Office: 101 Lake Ontario Hall (LOH) 

East Asian Studies minor
Chinese Studies major

Patrick Shan - 616-331-8504      Office: D-1-130 Mackinac Hall (MAK)

Latin American Studies minor
Zulema Moret - 616-331-2286     Office: B-2-242 Mackinac Hall (MAK)

Middle East Studies minor
Coeli Fitzpatrick - 616-331-3748       Office: 125 Honors College (NMR)

Russian Studies major and minor
Svetoslav Pavlov - 616-331-8906       Office: 103 Lake Ontario Hall (LHH)

Area Studies Office Coordinator
Leslye Allen - 616-331-8110     Office: 117 Lake Ontario Hall (LOH)



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