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Winter 2011:

March 18: Lecture: Excavations at Indian Landing

Professor Dale Borders (GVSU Anthropology) will speak on "Excavations at Indian Landing."  Indian Landing (20BA02) was a 19th century mission/habitation site on the Thornapple River of Barry County.  Excavations in 2008-2010 were focused on clarifying the size and purpose of the site.  Professor Borders will present the procedures, findings and preliminary conclusions from those last three summers of excavation at Indian Landing.

The presentation will be at 7 pm on Friday, March 18, on the GVSU Allendale campus, room 253 Lake Michigan Hall.  Co-sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of American and the Michigan Archaeological Society.

March 17: Workshop: Spolia!

Professor Jon Frey from Michigan State University will be speaking about the contexts for  re-use of materials, especially stone architectural elements, in the ancient world AKA spolia!  Spolia study raises interesting issues re cognitive landscapes, use of resources, sustainability, etc. in addition to purely architectural considerations. 

Fall 2010:

Friday, October 22: Please join us for an exciting archaeological lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Arnold (GVSU Anthropology).

The talk, titled "Happy Trails: The social and economic movement of domestic animals in the Early Iron Age of South Africa", will take place at 6 pm Friday in 178 Lake Ontario Hall on the GVSU Allendale campus.  The talk is sponsored by our local chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Professor Arnold will discuss "domestic herds (cattle, sheep and goats) and their implications for the development of social complexity in the Early Iron Age (EIA, i.e. 1st millennium AD) of the Thukela River Valley.  The control of productive grazing areas through the movement of domestic stock, primarily cattle, into key areas has been highlighted as a major factor in the economic and political development of chiefdoms in South Africa. It was hypothesized that this movement of cattle could be traced through stable isotope analyses, which identified certain animals whose presence reflected social, economic and political exchanges into the valley. Ethnographic study indicates the importance of these exchanges and the resulting obligations and linkages between people."

We anticipate a lively discussion & hope to see you all there.

Saturday, October 2:  "Blendon Landing, a Nineteenth-Century Settlement at Grand Valley State     University" by Dr. Janet Brashler (GVSU Anthropology) is scheduled for 1 pm.  Part of Michigan Archaeology Day, the talk will take place at the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing. For more information, visit

Fall 2009:

Friday, October 16th:   "A Brief History of the Norton Mounds" by Dr Deborah Muller (MAS)
            7:00 PM at the Anthropology Lab at Grand Valley State University, 249 Lake Michigan Hall

Friday, November 20th: "The Latest on Prehistoric American Indian Copper" by Don Spohn (MAS)
            7:00 PM at the Anthropology Lab at Grand Valley State University, 249 Lake Michigan Hall
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