1.  Digital Workplace web site

Digital Workplace Web Site:


This web site provides information about the law of technology and employment law.


2.  A Midewife’s Guide

An android app that may be obtained for free in the Google Play Store:


This app was made for Dr. Martha Sommers of Malawi, Africa by Team Web GVSU. The content of the app was written by Mary Sommers.


3. Arbitration

An app that may be obtained for free in the Google Play Store for android users as well as the app store for Apple users:



These apps are designed to explain arbitration in a simple manner. It also features video examples of investigatory interview, pre-arbitration, and arbitration.


4. Negotiation

The negotiation web site is a free online text that may be used by the public or in a university classroom. The primary purpose of the web site is to learn how to negotiate a contract. The site uses the example of negotiating an employment contract or a collective bargaining agreement. Users, however, may transfer the examples given in the site to negotiations for any type of contract.



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