Model CBA Notebook

This section of the web site is to help GVSU students with their bargaining project. Each semester, groups of students bargain entire collective bargaining contracts. Each group must prepare and manage a collective bargaining negotiation notebook in Dropbox. 








** Negotiation Rules and Requirements **



A. Current Year Cost Out


B. Comparable Wages



  • Put your wages first!



C. Union Proposals

** All proposals have to be approved by Prof. Swift before presenting the proposal to the other side. After receiving approval, never just drop the proposal in the Team Folder. You must present all proposals to the other side, meaning you must explain it and answer any questions. If you present the proposal in person, make sure to take notes. If you meet via ooVoo, either take notes or record the conversation. **


D. Employer Counter Proposals

E. Bargaining Notes


F. Bargaining Status Sheet


G. TA Example


H. Sample Memo for CBA Week 15 (Employer's Final Memo)



I. Helpful Links


J. Tips


  • Keep the contract as simple as possible; don't make the language difficult to understand.
  • The shorter the contract, the better. 
  • Read the newspapers listed above on a daily basis. It is best to divide them up among your group. 
  • Make sure ALL group members know the cost outs.
  • Create deadlines for your group in order to stay on track.
  • The team leader should make sure everyone is clear on their responsibilities. It is strongly advised to write them out and put them in Dropbox.
  • Make sure someone is always taking notes!
  • Keep in mind that your contract does not have to include all of the provisions listed in Dropbox; you just have to discuss them since they are mandatory subjects of bargaining. 



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