This section of the site is to help GVSU students with their bargaining project. Each semester groups of students bargain entire collective bargaining contracts.  The sites below assist the students with finding model contract language and comparable wages and benefits.



A. Contract Information

Berkeley Data Bank of Contracts

Michigan Public Employee Salaries

MSU Data Bank of Public Sector Labor Contracts

Office of the State Employer Labor Contracts
(This site has all the State of Michigan employee labor contracts.)

Michigan Public School Contracts

B. Demographic & Economic Information

Annuity (CNN)

Aging Employees (Social Security Administration)

Bureau of Labor Statistics (US Dept. of Labor)

Census Information (Lansing State Journal)

State Health Facts (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Michigan Birth Rates (By F. Ignatovich)

Enrollment Projections for Michigan Public Schools (By F. Ignatovich)

Michigan Economic, Census, Education and other Data (U of Wisc.)

Michigan Labor Market Data (Unemployment Rates)

Michigan Poverty Rate Rising

Michigan State University Wage and Salary Survey

Moving Out of Michigan (Mackinac Center)

Terms to Know for Bargaining

University of Michigan Salaries for Faculty and Staff

US Employment Map

O*Net Online

Salary information and comparisons:,

C. Pension, Health Insurance and PTO

Basic Information About Pension Plans

More information regarding pensions

Basics of Health Insurance in US

GVSU Costs for Benefits

Health Insurance Political Policy

Health Insurance  - Average Cost of Premiums

Changes in Health Care

Sick Leave vs PTO

VEBA Accounts

6th Circuit COA upholds retiree CBA benefits

Health Insurance Terms and Plans

World Health Care Costs

Kaiser Health News

D.  Issues That May Impact State Funding In the Future

U.S. Census Bureau

House Foreclosure Rate by State

Unemployment and CPI in Michigan

State Migration Rates

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