AP Committee Minutes August 19, 2013

AP Committee Minutes

August 19, 2013, 2:30 PM, Mary Idema Pew Library


Present:           Jim Seufert (Chair), Jamie Schlagel, Josh Stickney, Elizabeth Lienau, Jennifer Schick, Kristin Linscott, Mike Kluczyk, Sienna Mavima


Absent:           Kaleb Klotz, Valerie Jones, Kim Walton, Scott Richardson


  1. Introductions, review and approval of 5/20/13 meeting minutes, review agenda


  1. Officer and subcommittee reports
    1. The following positions were appointed/confirmed for 2013-2014

Chair:        Jim Seufert

Vice-Chair:            Josh Stickney

Secretary: Kim Walton

Salary & Benefits Liaison:            Jennifer Schick

Awards Liaison:    Valerie Jones

Professional Development Liaison:          Sienna Mavima

AP Luncheon (3):  Jamie Schlagel

                                                Mike Kluczyk

                                                Kristin Linscott

AP Forum (2):        Jim Seufert

                                                Jon Rosick

Webmaster:          Mike Kluczyk

Communications:   Elizabeth Lienau

Public Safety Liaison:       Kaleb Klotz

  1. Professional Development (Sienna) – Excellence Series set, new emphasis on “Get to Know Your GVSU”. 
  2. Salary & Benefits -  Updates to open enrollment.  HSA employer contribution cut, Healthy choices update.


  1. Meeting schedule and invitees – Confirmed typical meeting time will be 3rd Monday at 2:30, every 3rd meeting to occur at a venue other than Allendale.  List of proposed speakers to be given to HR for scheduling


  1. AP Forum Survey – Has been expanded to all AP committee functions.  Val has narrowed the questions and will present the finished product at the next meeting


  1. Committee Communications – The committee (lead by Jim S.) discussed making the primary source of communications Human Resources.  Committee members would then follow-up with their own message.  Next communication will be “welcome back &  survey”.  Elizabeth L. to draft for committee review


  1. Library Tour – Erin Fisher, Library Program Manager


  1. Adjourn – Next meeting 9/16/13, 2:30pm, KC 1142


Minutes Submitted: Jim Seufert

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