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Dr. Russell Rhoads

Dr. Russell Rhoads

Associate Professor

Office: 234 Lake Michigan Hall

Phone: 331-3018



Development anthropology, food and agriculture, economic anthropology, kinship, ethnographic methods

Dr. Rhoads (PhD Kentucky 1994) is a cultural and applied anthropologist with a specialty in agricultural anthropology, migration, family and kinship, and anthropological methods. His recent research focuses on food systems in Western Michigan, specifically food insecurity in the context of urban development and farmers markets, which was published as "Engaging Students in a Latino Neighborhood Initiative: Transformative Learning at a Farmers' Market" in Practicing Anthropology (2010). Currently, Dr. Rhoads is working on a project in Sierra Leone, Africa - a collaboration with Njala University to help design community engagement and capacity-building appropriate to a post conflict society. Dr. Rhoads teaches classes in the topical areas of globalization and development, migration, kinship, theory and methods, as well as facilitating field schools and internships.

Dr. Rhoads teaches classes in cultural anthropology such as ANT 204, 210, 300, 345, 346, 355, 405, and 495.