Anthropology Department


The 2002 Archaeological Field School

Grand Valley State University
2002 Archaeological
Field School

When: May 6-June 14, (3- 6 credits)
June 14-28 extension (3 credits) Where: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Credits: 3,6 or 9 (depending on level of commitment)
Cost: GVSU Tuition plus a Field Trip cost, approx. $40
Information/Application: Dr. Janet Brashler Room 31, Lake Michigan Hall 895-3395
brashlej@gvsu. edu

Project Description
The focus of the 2002 GVSU archaeological field school will be to explore the areas surrounding one of Michigan's most important archaeological sites, Norton Mounds. These mounds date to about 2000 years ago during the Middle Woodland Period and are related to Havana and Hopewell cultures of Illinois and Ohio. The mounds were excavated in the 1960's but little attention has been given to the area immediately surrounding the mounds. The summer 2002 field school will be devoted to survey and test excavation of areas along the Grand River likely to be related to the mounds. The field school is open to any college or university student in good standing (no previous experience is required) and for a portion of the project, students will have the opportunity to work with Native American high school students from the Grand Rapids area.

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