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Logo Usage

50th Anniversary Logo Usage Guide

A package of 50th anniversary logos has been created and will be used extensively to promote the 50th anniversary celebration. The anniversary logo does not replace the university logo or any other department logo. Rather, the anniversary logo is designed to complement existing university logos and designs.

Recommended Use

Recommended uses of the anniversary logo are:
  1. Appropriate print and electronic publications produced by Institutional Marketing, Alumni Relations, Athletics, and other departments.
  2. Anniversary collection apparel and gift items.
  3. Signage and banners.
  4. Placement on athletic uniforms and playing surfaces.
  5. Other uses as appropriate and approved by the Office of the President.


Use of the 50th anniversary logos is by permission of Robbi Osipoff in the Office of the President only.

Requesting Electronic Logo Files

Once Robbi Osipoff has granted permission for the usage of the logo, electronic files of the logos are available from Bryan Bickford in Institutional Marketing. All uses of the logo will be subject to the standards listed in this guide and final approval by Institutional Marketing. Anniversary logos should not be shared between departments or used for other than the expressed purpose of the specific request unless the Office of the President grants permission.

Usage Guidelines

Always use original art files.

Never change any of the colors in any of the logos.

Never approximate the logotype with other typefaces.

Never print the logo smaller than 1 inch wide.

Do not reverse the logo out to a color other than white.

The logo should not be scaled non-proportionately.

Always provide appropriate live area around the logo, free of typography, graphics, or other distracting elements. Live area is defined as the area of isolation or “white space” provided around the logos. An area of isolation must appear around the logo at all times and is equal to 50% or the height of the respective logo

The logo should never be placed on its side or on an angle.

Never use the logo as a part of a sentence or in a line of text.

Do not place the logo where a hole punch or binding may interfere with it.

Usage Review and Approval

Institutional Marketing must approve all items, publications, advertisements, signage, or other use of any 50th anniversary logo prior to printing. Please e-mail a PDF of your piece to Bryan Bickford and allow at least 24 hours to receive feedback.
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