Student Ambassadors

Padnos International Center
  • 5,000---GVSU students can travel to 5,000 programs around the world
  • 12---over the last five years we have ranked among the top 12 universities for the number of students who study abroad
  • Office is located in Lake Ontario Hall
  • 3 study abroad options
    • A full year program
    • A full semester program
    • Faculty-led Program (two to 12 weeks) during the spring and summer semester--accompanied with faculty member
  • Hold workshops on study abroad opportunities
  • Study abroad programs can be tailored to your experience (personal experience, or to your major)
  • Financial Aid can go toward students experience and assist with costs
  • Padnos International Center offers Scholarships and Grants
  • offer the opportunity to purchase passports

Page last modified September 10, 2015