Student Ambassadors

Career Center


  • 90% of our students are employed or in graduate school
  • 86% of our students are employed in Michigan
  • 7,000 students are participating in internships or Co-Op Education
  • 7 Career Fairs are conducted every year on our campus
  • 496 employers participate in our Career Fairs
  • 40% of our students graduate in 4 years debt free


  • Assists with resume building, choosing a major, career testing, and on-campus interviews
  • Holds workshops to help develop leadership skills for personal and career success
  • Assist with Internships, Co-Op, or Job Shadowing opportunities
  • Conduct workshops for majors to help students learn about career opportunities
  • works with student for employment after graduation
  • Professional Etiquette


Page last modified May 16, 2014