Young Alumni Council

Established in May of 2008, the Young Alumni Council was formed for the purpose of addressing issues related to, and advocating for the needs of Young Alumni. They are the voice of GVSU Young Alumni, working toward unity in meaningful experiences, and stronger connections with GVSU. The YAC also creates and plans multiple events throughout the year.

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Megan Archer, '08

Megan Archer

BA, Legal Studies, 2008

Grand Rapids, MI

Brandy Arnold, '09

Brandy Arnold

BA, Communications, 2009

Grand Rapids, MI

Nathan Biller, '09

Nathan Biller

BBA, Economics & Finance, 2009

Grand Rapids, MI

Andrew Bopra, '09

Andrew Bopra

BBA, Finance, 2009

Carsonville, MI

Layna Buthker, '13

Layna Buthker

Engagement Co-Chair

MS, Taxation, 2013

Grand Rapids, MI

Kristin Crawford, '08

Kristin Crawford

BS, Sociology, 2008

Grand Rapids, MI

Kayla Cupples, '10

Kayla Cupples

BBA, Marketing & Human Resource Management, 2010

Grand Rapids, MI

Kelsey Curlett, '12

Kelsey Curlett

BA, Secondary English Education & Psychology, 2012

Grand Rapids, MI

Megan Koops-Fisher, '07

Megan Koops-Fisher

BA, Political Science, 2007

Holland, MI

Christen Fox, '07

Christen Fox

Activities Co-Chair

BA, Communications & Spanish, 2007

Grand Rapids, MI

Michelle Harris, '06 & '09

Michelle Harris

BS, Advertising & Public Relations, 2006

MPA, Nonprofit Leadership, 2009

Wyoming, MI

Hannah Hendges, '04

Hannah Hendges

BBA, Marketing, 2004

Ada, MI

Kate Herron, '12

Kate Herron

BBA, Marketing & Management, 2012

Grand Rapids, MI

Krista Hillman, '05

Krista Hillman

BS, Biomedical Sciences, 2005

Spring Lake, MI

Jessica Manfrin, '09

Jessica Manfrin

Activities Co-Chair

BS, Advertising & Public Relations, 2009

MS, Communications, In Progress

Grand Rapids, MI

Bridgette McGuire, '13

Bridgette McGuire

BA, Mathematics, 2013

Grand Rapids, MI

David Milanowski, '09

David Milanowski

BBA, Marketing & Sales, 2009

Wyoming, MI

Nicholas Nelson, '09

Nicholas Nelson

Information Systems, 2009

Grand Rapids, MI

Mindy Nienhouse, '07 & '09

Mindy Nienhouse

BS, Advertising & Public Relations, 2007

MPA, Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 2009

Grandville, MI

Krystine Noble, '08

Krystine Noble

Engagement Co-Chair

Psychology & Criminal Justice, 2008

Grand Rapids, MI

Savanna Rayner, '08

Savanna Rayner

BS, Clinical Exercise Science, 2008

Hudsonville, MI

Rachel Selgo, '08

Rachel Selgo

BBA, 2008

Grand Rapids, MI

Nicole E. Smith, '09

Nicole Smith

BA, Sociology, 2009

Grand Rapids, MI

Andrea Westdorp, '02 & '08

Andrea Westdorp

BBA, Accounting, 2002

MBA, General Business, 2008

Grand Rapids, MI

Evan Wildey, '07

Evan Wildey

Fundraising Chair

BA, Sociology, 2007

Grand Rapids, MI

Rachel Wion, '12

Rachel Wion

BS, Health Communications, 2012

Detroit, MI