Feature Stories


Jessica Cruz, '06

Recipient of the 2015 Young Alumni Award

Jerry Harroff, '93

When Jerry Harroff, '93 has a dream, he'll take a leap of faith and make it a reality.

Luke McLaughlin, '10

To Luke McLaughlin, '10, nature is so much more than what is seen out a window. To McLaughlin, nature can be used to heal, grow, and re-energize the human spirit.

Alan Peterson, '14

Alan Peterson, '14, the winner of the 2015 River Bank Run 10K and 5K, is making great strides in his running career.. and he's just getting started.

Meghan Burke, '02

Named a 40 Under 40 Professor who Inspires, Meghan Burke, '02 is a professor and author tirelessly fighting against social injustice.

Adriana Almanza, '10 & '14

With an eloquent open Facebook letter, Adriana Almanza, '10 & '14 let her voice for social change be heard around the world.

Nate Peck, '08

Nate Peck, '08 is a father, husband, caregiver and now a GVSU Hall of Fame athlete.

Veronica Kirin, '09

Starting a business takes guts. Starting two nonprofits and four businesses in only a few short years? That takes something else entirely. Whatever it is, Veronica Kirin, '09 has it.

Lea, '69 & '95 and Tom, '67 Ebels

Lea and Tom Ebels are the 2015 Alumni Service Award recipients.

Jamie, '09 & Ramsey, '09 Gilbertsen

Jamie, '09 and Ramsey, '09 Gilbertsen are the CEO and owners of Fry Nation, a french fry stand located in RiverTown Crossing shopping mall in Grandville, Michigan.

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