Allies & Advocates

Role Play Scenarios

Role Play #1

Paul is a graduate assistant in Laker Village. Dana comes to Paul in tears. Dana is rooming with the same roommate she had last year because they got along so well last year, which is why they signed up to live together again. This fall though, when they arrived to their housing unit, Dana's roommate told her that she is a lesbian. Dana didn't think that this would be a problem or change anything about their friendship, but now her roommate has been having her partner stay over on the weekends. Dana feels like their whole relationship has changed and doesn't understand why her roommate has to throw her sexuality in my face. Dana is extremely uncomfortable with the situation and even talks about always making sure to change clothes in a locked bathroom so that her roommate won't hit on her. Dana wants Paul to move her into a new housing unit.

Role Play #2

Tammy is a well-liked faculty member on campus; she often builds strong relationships with her students. One day, during Tammy's office hours, a student she is close to comes to visit, Alex. Alex comes to tell Tammy goodbye because he has withdrew from his classes. When Tammy asks why, Alex tells her that he came out to his parents over the weekend and now they are refusing to pay his tuition. Alex plans on leaving school and getting a job in the area since his parents also refuse to let him move back home.

Role Play #3

Amy and Megan are sitting in the Lower Commons eating lunch during the busiest time of the day. Ben comes in after his class to eat lunch and sits at the opposite end of the same table as Amy and Megan. Ben is very quiet, thinking to himself about a new relationship that he recently started but is nervous because he hasn't come out to anyone yet and is very scared to talk to anyone about it. Meanwhile, Amy and Megan are talking loudly about a gay male that lives on their floor. They say things like, "that queer fag...don't touch him, you might catch something!" Or "gay boys are disgusting but what's worse are those dykes...that makes me want to vomit!" Although Ben isn't trying to listen to their conversation, it's hard not to overhear. Amy and Megan then go on to talk about what it would be like if they found out someone close to them was gay; they decide that they would tell that person that he or she is going to hell and that they need therapy. Ben gets up, distraught, and walks home while he holds back tears.

Role Play #4

A LGBT student comes to your office and asks to talk. He is clearly upset and at first has trouble telling you what's wrong. Eventually, he reveals that he hasn't been sleeping or eating much and has been skipping classes. Finally, he admits that he came out recently and is feeling awful about it. He calls himself a "bad person" and a "sinner" and says he doesn't know what to do.

Role Play #5

A LGBT student comes to your office and asks to talk. She is angry and tells you that she's going to drop out of GVSU. She won't tell you why but just goes on and on about how awful GVSU is and how mean the people are etc. Finally, she tells you that people in her dorm found out that she's bisexual and have been harassing her. She has had the word "fag" written on her door and people have called her "lezzy" and laughed at her. She doesn't know what to do.

Role Play #6

A LGBT student (freshman) comes to your office and asks to talk. He seems nervous and uptight and at first makes vague statements about being lonely and not knowing anyone on campus. Eventually, he tells you that he's gay and doesn't know any other gay people. He had gay friends at home but now that he's living on campus, he hasn't made any friends. He doesn't know what to do.

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