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Non-Gender Specific Dating Conversation

Materials Needed: None

Length of time: About 5 minutes

Size of group: Any size, but needs to be an even number - facilitator can participate if necessary to make the group number even

Participants will gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by gay, lesbian, and bisexual faculty, staff, and students when discussing dating, partners, or significant others amongst peers and co-workers that they do not feel comfortable sharing their sexual orientation with.

Each participant will partner up with another participant in the room to discuss the last date they had with a significant other or friend using non-gender specific language. The following words are not allowed to be used:

He His

She Her

Boy Man

Girl Woman

Each participant will have about 2 minutes to discuss a recent date.

The entire group will process the experience and its difficulties immediately following the activity. This should take approximately 10 minutes, depending on discussion time.

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