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The Allies & Advocates Symbol

The pink triangle is a symbol of pride used within the LGBT community and has been adopted by the Allies & Advocates program. Heterosexual allies need visual representation to distinguish themselves as well; therefore, the inclusion of the words "Allies & Advocates."

The Allies & Advocates symbol is a message to LGBT students and colleagues that you are knowledgeable, supportive, respectful, and trustworthy. Students will know they can come to you for help, advice, or just to talk with someone who is affirming of their sexual orientation. The symbol indicates that you will not tolerate homophobic and heterosexist comments and actions, but will address these in an educational and informing manner, combating ignorance, misinformation, and prejudice with education, accurate information, and understanding. Colleagues and students have a right to their opinion; however, if someone is stating myths or misinformation about LGBT individuals, Allies & Advocates members will provide them with accurate information in a respectful manner.

At the end of your Allies & Advocates training session, you will be invited to sign up to become an official member of Allies & Advocates . You will then be given a sign to post on your office door or someplace where it is visible to students who may be seeking information and/or support. The Allies & Advocates sign should be taped to your office door, within your workspace, on your living center door, or other public or semi-public place where others can see it, especially students.

Source: Adapted from the Safe On Campus resource manual - Western Michigan University

Page last modified March 4, 2014