New Changes in the Allied Health Sciences: Catalog Year 2013-2014 

(AHS) Major

Like health care itself, AHS is re-inventing itself in an effort to better align the degree with a more purposeful direction in health care careers. Starting Fall 2013 each student entering the major will need to declare or apply for secondary admission to a professional emphasis.

These emphases are designed to prepare you for either application to graduate professional programs or to embark on a professional career upon bachelor’s graduation.

Gone is the “one size fits all” set of course requirements. Each emphasis is tailored to meet the preparatory needs of that health profession. Gone is the AHS requirement for a minor, except in those emphases that specifically call for a minor. The core AHS curriculum has shrunk to 22 credits to accommodate the requirements of each emphasis.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Health Information Management

Emphasis Option

Pre-Health Care Professional Physical Therapy Studies

Pre-Health Care Professional Physician Assistant Studies

Pre- Health Care Professional Speech Language Pathology Studies


 DEADLINE: February 29, 2016

Respiratory Care Emphasis – Secondary Admission Required. Please click link for curriculum details.

Respiratory Care Application ~ Students with an Associates Degree already earned

Respiratory Care Application & Recommendation Form ~ Students without an Associates Degree

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting Emphasis - Minor not Required, Secondary Admission Required. Please click here for the ASL Emphasis application.

Histotechnology Emphasis

General Allied Health Sciences Emphasis (this is much like AHS was before – for those uncertain as to career direction)

What will this all mean to me? Each person’s career direction and academic history is different. For many, converting your program of studies over to this new AHS configuration will make sense. For some others it will not.

Please consult with your AHS academic advisor or your College of Health Professions Student Services advisor before making any decisions or changes.

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